Natural Remedies To Cure Clammy Hands

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Naturally Treat Clammy Hands

The cause of clammy hands is unknown but there are several factors that can trigger this upsetting condition. Clammy hands may be caused by stress, anxiety, taking more caffeine than usual, dehydration, hormonal problems, menopause and other health conditions. But even if clammy hands are very embarrassing, this condition may be cured once and for all. Find out what through these simple tips:

Naturally Treat Sweaty Palms

Naturally Treat Sweaty Palms

1. Drink more water than usual. Aside from replenishing the body with the minerals that you have lost after sweating excessively, drinking more water could help hydrate you as well as control your perspiration. Water will also help flush out toxins that are also known as a factor that can aggravate cold clammy hands more.

2. Avoid drinking sugary beverages and eating foods made of refined sugar. These will only lead to gaining more weight and will add stress to your already compromised body. Drink water instead of soft drinks and juices so you can properly hydrate your body.

3. Cut down your caffeine intake if you want to control cold clammy hands. Caffeine in coffee and tea will cause you to have fine tremors  and a jittery feeling that will only make you sweat more. Caffeine will also make your more jittery and more agitated which will only aggravate this embarrassing condition even more.

4. Soaking your hands in a small amount of baking soda and a basin of water will help control sweating. Soak your hands for more than 15 minutes and then dry them off with a clean towel. You may repeat this procedure three times a day to control sweating during the day and before you go to sleep. You may try applying a little amount of baking soda or talc on your palms after your soak to further dry out your palms.

5. Soaking with black tea is another natural alternative. Black tea has natural properties that can help stop sweating but will never dry skin out as well. You may use a basin full of warm water and then place the black tea leaves or black tea sachets in. as soon as the tea disperses completely in the warm water, you may start soaking your hands. Soak for at least 20 minutes; repeat this procedure three times a day.

6. Salt baths will also help control sweating and this may also be used for the entire body. Fill the bath tub with warm water, add a few teaspoons of salt and then soak for 30 minutes. Salt will dry out skin to control sweating; you can soak before you go to sleep or longer during the weekends. Apply cornstarch powder or baking soda on your palms to further control sweating.

7. Controlling anxiety and stress will eventually help control excessive sweating and clammy hands. You may try controlling stress with natural methods like meditation, yoga, deep breathing and taking up hobbies or recreational activities. All these will eventually help you control over clammy hands and take charge of your life once more.

Tips to Avoid Clammy Hands

The cause of clammy hands or sweaty palms is unknown but most specialist agree that there are several aggravating factors that leads to increase sweating on the hands, feet, underarms and other areas of the body with abundant sweat glands. Things that can trigger clammy hands are anxiety attacks, panic attacks and stress; it may also be due to a humid or hot environment or when the hands are kept covered for a long time. So focusing on the different aggravating conditions of having sweaty palms, here are simple tips on how to avoid this condition:

Clammy Hands Tips

  • Avoid hot and humid places. If you simply cannot avoid being in these places, the least you can do is to bring a bottle of ethyl alcohol or baking soda to completely dry your hands off.
  • Do not place your hands in your pockets or try to hide them; your hands would be better off exposed to allow sweat and moisture to evaporate. Do not wrap them in a hanky or place bandages that will only worsen the situation. Allow air to circulate on your palms and in between your fingers to take care of excessive sweating.
  • Wash your hands more often; this will dry them out faster than airing them. Bar soaps are known to dry skin and may even leave skin peeling and chaffed after you use them; try detergent bar soaps but don’t overdo your use.
  • Solve anxiety and stress issues. This step must be included in all sweaty hands prevention and cure. When you are able to manage stress and anxiety, you will be able to prevent this embarrassing condition for good. You can do this by using stress reduction techniques, yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • Using home remedies like applying baking soda, herbal teas and other natural techniques may also help. You can use these every other day or twice a week so you can effectively control sweating.
  • Avoid using gloves and other constricting clothing accessories for your hands but if you really need to use gloves as a part of your wardrobe place baking soda or talcum powder on your palms before you slip your gloves on.
  • If possible, stay in a well ventilated area or in an air conditioned room to keep your palms dry. If this is impossible, do not attempt to hide your hands or to cover them. This will only make sweating worse.
  • Control sweating with charcoal; it could be very uncomfortable but for only several minutes a day you can rub charcoal on your hands to totally reduce sweating. You can do this every day but be sure to completely clean your hands and fingernails afterwards.
  • You can deal with clammy and cold hands once and for all when you deal with preventive measures like these. There is hope for this embarrassing condition and you can do this by following these easy tips to totally avoid clammy hands.

Stop Clammy Hands for Good

There is no excuse when someone extends his hands for a handshake. If you have clammy hands, you can’t help but think twice when someone offers you a handshake and probably the most common response is an embarrassing nod. Having clammy hands could really be embarrassing and may even cost anyone his self esteem. A person with this condition may refrain from social gatherings and even close personal contact just to avoid being laughed at or ridiculed.
If you have clammy hands then is the site for you. This new and specialized site will help you in understanding what clammy hands are and why you have this condition. You will also learn all about the embarrassing effects of having this condition and most of all the very simple ways to totally control clammy hands once and for all.

  • is a site that will guide clammy hands sufferers about learning why they suffer from sweaty hands. Discovering why this condition affects you could shine a light on your condition and to find a suitable long term method to control your clammy hands.
  • This site will empower people with clammy hands on the ways on how to control this condition effectively. There are available treatments for clammy hands and may be classified according to the following:

Medical and surgical methods – these involve using medications to control stress and anxiety which are known to be triggers of sweaty hands; the use of surgical methods to inhibit the formation of sweat by different sweat glands of the body. These methods are invasive and are also very expensive.

Natural methods – these involve using diet, anxiety and stress control that will eventually reduce sweating and managing the effects of clammy hands. Natural methods also include the use of natural remedies that may be found at home; these have been used to effectively counter clammy skin. Most sufferers prefer to use inexpensive and non   invasive procedures to control sweating which are discussed in detail in this website.

  • Above all, will give you great tips to prevent clammy hands to totally gain control over this stressing condition. Say goodbye to sweaty hands and embarrassing situations and open your hands to the infinite possibilities of a single handshake. You can learn all about controlling your clammy hands condition just by visiting regularly.

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