Useful Tips To Cope Up With Clammy Hands

If you have clammy hands, then you must be deeply disappointed. Because of this, you might be ashamed of shaking hands with anybody or scared of holding any precious objects as it might slip out of your hands and break. clammy hands is such a condition, where palms of your hands sweat excessively. Now, you need not worry about it any longer. Below, some useful tips to cope up with clammy hands are being explained:


  • If you have clammy hands, then you need not hide them any longer. Remember that keeping them inside your pockets or in a hanky would simply worsen the condition. Rather, you should expose your hands to sunlight and air so that skin can get dried up. You should wash your sweaty hands with mild soaps and then dry them with the help of towel.
  • Make use of a minor amount of baking soda for buffing your palms. After airing your hands, you should keep a small amount of baking soda and then do rubbing of your palms altogether. It is natural that you may feel somewhat uneasy with this soda but as soon as you get used to it, you can use it as much as you can. For this, you should carry a container full of powder with you.
  • Use ethyl alcohol or isopropyl. Alcohol dries your skin and eliminates bacteria, which gather when you start sweating. Alcohol evaporates rapidly on your skin and helps you in keeping your clammy hands dry. Keep a bottle of alcohol with you wherever you go.
  • You should give a break to your sweaty palms and immerse them in water containing baking soda. This technique will draw moisture and water from your palms and help you in controlling odor and sweating. You should carry out this technique at least two times a week for control of clammy hands.
  • Make use of tea bag, which is immersed in hot water as a hand soak. This Tea has characteristics of taking care of moisture but will fail to make your hands absolutely dry. It will make your skin soft and healthy. Adopt this treatment every alternate day.
  • At last, you should keep stress at bay. Experts, who treat clammy hands consent that there exists a direct relationship between feet and sweaty palms with anxiety and stress. Once you get control over such feelings, you will be able to take control of your clammy hands.
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Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much

Sweating in hands occur due to a medical condition which is called Hyperhidrosis. Under normal situation, if you are standing at a very hot temperature or exercising, then it is normal that you sweat a lot. However, some people observe abnormal sweating when they are not doing any exercises or sitting in hot temperature room.

Why do my hands sweat so much? The answer is still a mystery and surgeons are trying their best to find the exact causes of this question. However, surgeons often associate sympathetic over-activity with sweating. Excitement / nervousness also play their role in creased sweating.

You may use following treatments / methods to tackle sweat hands:

Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much

Why Do My Hands Sweat So Much

Tissue Paper

You may keep tissue paper in your hands; it will absorb the sweating and will keep your hands dry. Please make sure that when you are buying tissue paper, buy high quality stuff, low quality tissue material may develop skin rashes over your skin. Soft and mild tissue papers are best for absorbing sweating purposes.


You may take use of antiperspirant, which helps a lot in controlling excessive sweating from the body. There are products available in the market which combines antiperspirant with deodorants. FDA – Food and Drug Administration has classified these into drugs. The most common use of Antiperspirant is under arms but you may use it on your palms and feet for overcoming sweating and smell.

Often people apply antiperspirant on the wet skin usually after taking bath. This is not good and will work effectively. Instead apply the antiperspirant after drying your hands and feet. 1% of the United States of America is affected with sweating (hyperhidrosis).

why do my hands sweat so much – Disgnosis

It is very necessary to diagnose the extremity of the sweating. This can be done via exposing the person to extreme heat and if the person does not sweat a lot, then this shows that they case if not severe. Sweating may be diagnosed via applying a powder to the whole body. The powder turns into dark purple color when applied in room temperature when you are sweating excessively. You will be suffering from hyperhidrosis even you are sweating excessively at least one time weakly. It is not necessary that you will be suffering from whole body sweating; you will sweat only in palms or in hand.

Why do my hands sweat so much? is a worldwide question and everyone wants to control this. Our article in this regard will help you a lot.

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What Causes Your Clammy Hands

Dealing with Clammy Hands

Human body consists of several organs and each one is connecting to the other. As a result, problem in one organ causes the abnormal working of the other. This happens similarly with the glands. Some time human glands send unusual signals to the various parts of the body which result in special types of outcomes. Similar is the case of Clammy Hands. That is why we have decided to pour light on the topic of What Causes Clammy Hands in our article.

Clammy hands refer to the situation when restless nerves give unusual signals to the sweat glands in the sympathetic nervous system, which result in heavy sweating in hands and even on the foot. So far the exact causes of Clammy Hands are not known but there are reasons which are considered to be the major factor in Clammy hands

photo 31 200x300 What Causes Clammy Hands

Factors triggering the Sweating

As we have mentioned earlier, the answer to the question “What Causes Clammy Hands” is not known so far. But there are some triggering factors which play active in producing excessive sweating. These are:


When a person reacts to the environmental condition, it is referred to as the stress which usually results in flight or fight response. Stress can be negative or positive, but it is often a misconception in people that stress is a negative thing. However, stress can also be positive and may have an impact on a person’s mental situation. Central nervous system has a key role to play in stress related matters. Stress may become the cause of Clammy hands.


Anxiety refers to a situation of confusion which a person is experiencing. Often it is used to describe a general situation of various disorders such as apprehension, fear, nervousness and worrying. Anxiety can be mild and severe. Severe anxiety may put serious effects upon your normal life and is not a good thing. So you should try to get rid of it using various exercises, entertainment movies and Yoga. With special reference to Anxiety, the use of Bikram Yoga is best which uses the combination of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. You will feel quite happy after using Bikram Yoga. But it is strongly recommended to do it with the help of a guru or trainer. Some postures need high degree of familiarity and care. If you do it without a proper training, you may damage your muscles and joints. Extreme anxiety may lead you towards clammy hands.


Diabetes is a bad disease which is not a curable. That is why; you need proper monitoring of the blood sugar level in order to save your life. The death percentage due to diabetes is very large. Diabetes is another major answer to the question what causes Clammy Hands.

The factors that we discussed may be the reasons of clammy hands but it is not possible to specifically tell you what causes Clammy hands. The scientists and doctors are trying their best to disclose the answer to this question.

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How Do Clammy Hands Affect You?

Clammy hands may be related to a condition called hyperhidrosis wherein a person sweats a lot; a person may sweat uncontrollably which includes having clammy hands and even clammy feet. The specific cause for excessive sweating is unknown but it may be triggered by stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, health conditions like congestive heart failure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and other health conditions. Hyperhidrosis that leads to clammy hands can cause several effects on the physical and psychological well being of a person; it can lead to the following…

sweaty hands How Do Clammy Hands Affect You?

1. A person with cold and clammy hands may be afraid to shake hands or hold hands with other people for the fear of being criticized for his condition. He may refrain from physical contact like shaking hands, touching or even meeting new people in fear that new acquaintances will offer their hands to shake theirs. Some people who have this condition may further seclude themselves from social interaction altogether to prevent being found out that they have embarrassing clammy hands.

2. A person with sweaty hands may refrain from handling items of other people for fear he may drop these unintentionally. Cold, clammy hands do not mix with drinking glasses, mobile phones and gadgets with LCD or LED touch screens and thus a person with this condition may limit himself to using these gadgets and items.

3. There are natural solutions for clammy and sweaty hands but for people who never learn how to cure their conditions may lead to permanently avoiding personal and social contact altogether. It could really be stressful to deal with clammy hands and if a person does not have knowledge of clammy hands remedies then his condition may dramatically turn for the worse.

4. People with clammy hands may choose careers that do not require them to have close personal contact with clients and people. Having this condition may also pose as a danger in certain industries since you may have limited grip when you have sweaty hands.

5. People who have clammy hands may refrain from using dangerous objects at home or at work like knives, blades and other pointed objects for fear of accidents. Wearing gloves to hide this condition will never solve the problem and may even aggravate sweating since you are confining the palms in a tight space.

If you have clammy hands, do not be afraid to consult a dermatologist. Upon assessment and a thorough physical exam you will be provided with the best management option for your hyperhidrosis. It’s also very important to keep yourself cool and stress-free so as not to aggravate your condition.
There are also several ways to stop clammy hands that will never resort to surgical and expensive methods. Natural clammy hands cure will help you take charge of your life and get back the self esteem that you lost from having clammy hands. So stop worrying and stressing over cold and clammy hands today and get the cure that you have been looking for.

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Sweaty Hands Surgery – Are you sure?

When it comes to sweaty and clammy hands, there are a lot of options to consider if you are seeking treatment for this annoying condition. These treatments could be Botox, creams, antiperspirants, etc. However, all of these treatments mentioned are usually only works temporarily and they do not really get rid of sweaty hands for good. In other words, they work only as a relief and not a total cure. This is where surgery is considered and looked into when it comes to treating sweaty hands.

Surgery for sweaty hands usually involves two processes. One is to damage the nerves producing sweat impulses and two is removing the sweat glands that produce excessive sweating. Looking at this surgical procedures, they are indeed very good at eradicating sweaty hands for good since the removal or damaging of sweat glands provides no way for the hands to produce sweat already.

However, despite the fact that surgery can permanently be the answer to sweaty hands and despite the tempting procedure, there are also several reasons why surgery is not the answer to sweaty hands. You may want to look into these reasons first before totally relying on surgery.

  • Surgery is a very risky procedure. As mentioned, surgery involves two processes which is damaging or removing sweat glands. This is not an easy process but a complicated one because it deals with creating incisions on your hands so that the sweat glands can be removed or damaged for the purpose of getting rid of sweaty hands. With this, this is a very risky procedure as it could result to nerve damage. A single mistake could permanently lead to a lifetime of misery due to the damage caused to the nerve. Nerve damage can cause weakness and numbness of the hands as well as other side effects.
  • Another thing is that surgery can cause side effects to occur. Since sweat glands on your hands are either damaged or removed, sweat will find another way to come out from the body and this result to a side effect known as severe compensatory sweating or excessive sweating on other parts of the body. You may have solved your problem with sweaty and clammy hands but it could result to another problem with excessive sweating.
  • Surgery is definitely an expensive procedure. Surgery involves a very complicated and risky procedure and this is not only a disadvantage to your hands but also a disadvantage to your budget. Surgery does not come cheap but it comes high priced. If Botox is already an expensive procedure, surgery is much more expensive. You must ask yourself first if you are willing to spend that much money for a procedure that is very risky or a procedure that may or may not solve your problem with sweaty hands. So, in terms of budget or cost, surgery is definitely not the answer to sweaty hands as it could lead to a waste of money if the procedure goes wrong.
  • Surgery for sweaty hands can scar your hands and change its appearance. As mentioned, surgery involves incisions or making cuts on the hands. These cuts can create changes to your hands not only because of the presence of scars after the procedure but also because it could change the appearance of your hands. While you could say you can get rid of scars afterwards, your hands may not be the same anymore since it is not normal for a hands to have no sweat glands. Undergoing surgery for sweaty hands may give you the feeling as if you are wearing something you are not used to wearing.
  • Surgery is very painful. Since surgery involves incisions, it obviously means it is very painful especially if you are not taking pain relievers. The process may not be painful because of the anesthesia but after surgery, you may have to bear the pain or discomfort for several days since the healing process of surgery takes several days. In other words, it does not heal quickly so it may not be the right answer to your sweaty hands as it feels like you only caused yourself pain.

Indeed, it is not wrong to consider surgery as a treatment for your sweaty hands especially if you are looking for a permanent treatment. But, having known the downsides of this procedure in terms of cost and risks, you may find yourself wasting your money while putting your hands at risk. Therefore, surgery is not the answer to sweaty and clammy hands and you are better off using more natural and safer solutions.

Why Botox is Not The Answer

A lot of people suffer from sweaty or clammy hands nowadays. Even if you are not exerting much effort to cause sweaty hands, you still manage to get their hands sweaty. This may not be that big of a problem but it is annoying as it affects your activities especially where your hands are needed such as playing guitar, etc. Sweaty hands can be caused by a lot of factors but the main factor considered as its cause is a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system. Other causes are also being debated, but no matter what the cause of sweaty hands is, getting treatment for this discomforting condition is highly considered.

Sweaty Hands Surgery

Sweaty Hands Surgery

One treatment that is considered by most people to get rid of their sweaty hands is Botox. Botox is the process of injecting botulinum toxin, which is a sort of bacteria, to the hands. Botox is a popular procedure that is mostly injected to the face for cosmetic purposes to promote anti-aging. Botox is also known to have good effects on sweaty hands, however, before you start getting this Botox injection, it pays when you take a look at some of the reasons why Botox is not the answer to sweaty hands.

· It has side effects. Botox on sweaty hands may be effective but it also has side effects such as muscle weakness, sensory change, numbing as well as the side effects could be worse if performed by an inexperienced dermatologist. The side effects could be permanent and could affect the basic functions of your hands which are not worth it just for the sake of getting rid of your clammy hands. Therefore, if you don’t want to experience annoying side effects, think twice before you consider Botox as your means of treating sweaty hands.

· It is very expensive. Botox is a very expensive procedure. We are not talking here of a few dollars worth of injection but hundreds of dollars. This is the reason why this is considered an investment for beauty. However, every investment is risky and you need to make sure that the returns of that investment are excellent and great. As with Botox, considering the fact that you are going to be at risk for side effects, this may not be considered worthy for its high price. There are other more important tings you could invest your money into than Botox for your sweaty hands.

· It is not a permanent treatment. When treating sweaty hands, of course, you would love for that treatment to be permanent so you can get rid of sweaty hands for good. If you consider Botox as the answer, you are heading down the wrong track. Botox may be effective when it comes to eliminating sweaty hands but it is definitely not a permanent treatment. The results are only temporary and just like other cosmetic procedures, it requires maintenance. You may be required to come back after 6 months and have the injection again. This is not only annoying but it definitely makes it more expensive.

· Botox is a toxin. If you would get to know the term, Botox actually stands for botulinum toxin, which means you are allowing yourself to be injected with toxins on the hands. Even if doctors claim that they can purify this toxin so it won’t cause harm to the body, this still remains a toxin and it may react negatively alongside drugs that you are taking such as pain relievers, etc. This could also cause adverse side effects. Since it is risky, it is indeed not the answer for treating sweaty hands.

· It is a painful procedure. Even if Botox does not require surgery, it is still a painful procedure since it involves injection. Aside from the fact that injections are painful, pain is another obvious side effect of Botox so you may feel a painful discomfort after the procedure. Considering all the other negative things about Botox, experiencing pain may not be worth it.

It is true that Botox is effective not only in anti-aging but also in treating sweaty hands that is why this is a very tempting procedure. But, if you really want to permanently get rid of sweaty hands, this is not the solution. There are other permanent ways by which you can get rid of sweaty and clammy hands for good without having to go through the painful, risky and expensive Botox experience. You just have to get to know what your other options are that won’t cost you a lot of money and won’t cost you your hand.

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Natural Remedies To Cure Clammy Hands

Naturally Treat Clammy Hands

The cause of clammy hands is unknown but there are several factors that can trigger this upsetting condition. Clammy hands may be caused by stress, anxiety, taking more caffeine than usual, dehydration, hormonal problems, menopause and other health conditions. But even if clammy hands are very embarrassing, this condition may be cured once and for all. Find out what through these simple tips:

Naturally Treat Sweaty Palms

Naturally Treat Sweaty Palms

1. Drink more water than usual. Aside from replenishing the body with the minerals that you have lost after sweating excessively, drinking more water could help hydrate you as well as control your perspiration. Water will also help flush out toxins that are also known as a factor that can aggravate cold clammy hands more.

2. Avoid drinking sugary beverages and eating foods made of refined sugar. These will only lead to gaining more weight and will add stress to your already compromised body. Drink water instead of soft drinks and juices so you can properly hydrate your body.

3. Cut down your caffeine intake if you want to control cold clammy hands. Caffeine in coffee and tea will cause you to have fine tremors  and a jittery feeling that will only make you sweat more. Caffeine will also make your more jittery and more agitated which will only aggravate this embarrassing condition even more.

4. Soaking your hands in a small amount of baking soda and a basin of water will help control sweating. Soak your hands for more than 15 minutes and then dry them off with a clean towel. You may repeat this procedure three times a day to control sweating during the day and before you go to sleep. You may try applying a little amount of baking soda or talc on your palms after your soak to further dry out your palms.

5. Soaking with black tea is another natural alternative. Black tea has natural properties that can help stop sweating but will never dry skin out as well. You may use a basin full of warm water and then place the black tea leaves or black tea sachets in. as soon as the tea disperses completely in the warm water, you may start soaking your hands. Soak for at least 20 minutes; repeat this procedure three times a day.

6. Salt baths will also help control sweating and this may also be used for the entire body. Fill the bath tub with warm water, add a few teaspoons of salt and then soak for 30 minutes. Salt will dry out skin to control sweating; you can soak before you go to sleep or longer during the weekends. Apply cornstarch powder or baking soda on your palms to further control sweating.

7. Controlling anxiety and stress will eventually help control excessive sweating and clammy hands. You may try controlling stress with natural methods like meditation, yoga, deep breathing and taking up hobbies or recreational activities. All these will eventually help you control over clammy hands and take charge of your life once more.

Tips to Avoid Clammy Hands

The cause of clammy hands or sweaty palms is unknown but most specialist agree that there are several aggravating factors that leads to increase sweating on the hands, feet, underarms and other areas of the body with abundant sweat glands. Things that can trigger clammy hands are anxiety attacks, panic attacks and stress; it may also be due to a humid or hot environment or when the hands are kept covered for a long time. So focusing on the different aggravating conditions of having sweaty palms, here are simple tips on how to avoid this condition:

Clammy Hands Tips

  • Avoid hot and humid places. If you simply cannot avoid being in these places, the least you can do is to bring a bottle of ethyl alcohol or baking soda to completely dry your hands off.
  • Do not place your hands in your pockets or try to hide them; your hands would be better off exposed to allow sweat and moisture to evaporate. Do not wrap them in a hanky or place bandages that will only worsen the situation. Allow air to circulate on your palms and in between your fingers to take care of excessive sweating.
  • Wash your hands more often; this will dry them out faster than airing them. Bar soaps are known to dry skin and may even leave skin peeling and chaffed after you use them; try detergent bar soaps but don’t overdo your use.
  • Solve anxiety and stress issues. This step must be included in all sweaty hands prevention and cure. When you are able to manage stress and anxiety, you will be able to prevent this embarrassing condition for good. You can do this by using stress reduction techniques, yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • Using home remedies like applying baking soda, herbal teas and other natural techniques may also help. You can use these every other day or twice a week so you can effectively control sweating.
  • Avoid using gloves and other constricting clothing accessories for your hands but if you really need to use gloves as a part of your wardrobe place baking soda or talcum powder on your palms before you slip your gloves on.
  • If possible, stay in a well ventilated area or in an air conditioned room to keep your palms dry. If this is impossible, do not attempt to hide your hands or to cover them. This will only make sweating worse.
  • Control sweating with charcoal; it could be very uncomfortable but for only several minutes a day you can rub charcoal on your hands to totally reduce sweating. You can do this every day but be sure to completely clean your hands and fingernails afterwards.
  • You can deal with clammy and cold hands once and for all when you deal with preventive measures like these. There is hope for this embarrassing condition and you can do this by following these easy tips to totally avoid clammy hands.

Stop Clammy Hands for Good

There is no excuse when someone extends his hands for a handshake. If you have clammy hands, you can’t help but think twice when someone offers you a handshake and probably the most common response is an embarrassing nod. Having clammy hands could really be embarrassing and may even cost anyone his self esteem. A person with this condition may refrain from social gatherings and even close personal contact just to avoid being laughed at or ridiculed.
If you have clammy hands then is the site for you. This new and specialized site will help you in understanding what clammy hands are and why you have this condition. You will also learn all about the embarrassing effects of having this condition and most of all the very simple ways to totally control clammy hands once and for all.

  • is a site that will guide clammy hands sufferers about learning why they suffer from sweaty hands. Discovering why this condition affects you could shine a light on your condition and to find a suitable long term method to control your clammy hands.
  • This site will empower people with clammy hands on the ways on how to control this condition effectively. There are available treatments for clammy hands and may be classified according to the following:

Medical and surgical methods – these involve using medications to control stress and anxiety which are known to be triggers of sweaty hands; the use of surgical methods to inhibit the formation of sweat by different sweat glands of the body. These methods are invasive and are also very expensive.

Natural methods – these involve using diet, anxiety and stress control that will eventually reduce sweating and managing the effects of clammy hands. Natural methods also include the use of natural remedies that may be found at home; these have been used to effectively counter clammy skin. Most sufferers prefer to use inexpensive and non   invasive procedures to control sweating which are discussed in detail in this website.

  • Above all, will give you great tips to prevent clammy hands to totally gain control over this stressing condition. Say goodbye to sweaty hands and embarrassing situations and open your hands to the infinite possibilities of a single handshake. You can learn all about controlling your clammy hands condition just by visiting regularly.

Watch out for more updates and latest news especially medical and natural breakthroughs on how to control clammy hands. Remember that having this condition is only temporary. You can live the life that you once had and have the confidence to face people that you also had before. is your site for the most valuable insights in management of clammy hands and empowerment of people who share this health condition. Who says that clammy hands is a condition that you need to live by? You can gain relief and take control over sweating and sweaty hands once and for all with

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